Insmod match history (9/2-09 to 17/3-10, 66 matches)

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Insmod match history (9/2-09 to 17/3-10, 66 matches)

Post by Snuffeldjuret on Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:25 pm

Sweet! Insmod ESL match history

ESL League and Cup results:

1st place of 7 in ESL 8on8 cup

1st place of 7 in ESL Div 1 Season 4

1st place of 7 in ESL Div 1 Season 3

3rd place of 9 in ESL Div 2 Season 2

1st place of ~16 in the ESL Ladder for 5 months
Ladder standing 21st July 2009: Link
Ladder match list part 1: Link
Ladder match list part 2: Link

Complete list of ESL matches:

17 Mar Leaguevs. teamFr1-2 (0-2)Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, andersSinjar, Samawah
09 Mar Leaguevs. AvR4-0Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, andersAlmaden, Haditha
03 Mar Leaguevs. =V3=3-2 (1-1,1-1)Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, andersBuhriz, Hillah
25 Feb Leaguevs. CG.ins1-3 (1-1)Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, andersSinjar, Samawah
21 Feb Leaguevs. TDB4-0Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, andersAlmaden, Haditha
25 Nov 8on8cupvs. CG.ins2-0 (1-0)
Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, anders, QJ, sarand, loloAlmaden, Samawah
25 Nov 8on8cupvs. =V3=2-0 (1-0) Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, anders, QJ, flaesh, loloBaghdad, Samawah
16 Nov Leaguevs. teamFr2-1 (1-1)Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, kanonBaghdad, Ramadi
12 Nov Laddervs. =V3=2-1 (1-0)Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, kanonBaghdad, Ramadi
9 Nov Leaguevs. RATS4-0Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, QJAlmaden, Haditha
5 Nov Laddervs. CG.ins2-2 (1-1)Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, QJBuhriz, Ramadi
2 Nov Laddervs. CG.ins2-2 (1-1)Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, QJAlmaden, Haditha
22 Okt Leaguevs. RAF3-0 (2-0)Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, groz, notteSinjar, Samawah
15 Okt Leaguevs. AvR3-1 (1-1)Snuff, groz, hjanne, frylsk, QJAlmaden, Haditha
8 Okt Leaguevs. Mrcine4-0Snuff, groz, hjanne, frylsk, notteBaghdad, Abdallah
29 Sep Laddervs. teamFr2-2 (1-1)Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, notte, Sarand, andersAlmaden, Haditha
21 Sep Laddervs. CG.ins2-2 (1-1)Snuff, hjanne, frylsk, notte, kanonAlmaden, Buhriz
19 Aug Leaguevs. CG.ins1-3 (0-2)Snuff, frylsk, hjanne, dibb, LoloAbdallah, Haditha
13 Aug Leaguevs. Last-D0-4Snuff, groz, frylsk, lalala, hjanneAbdallah, Haditha
13 Aug Laddervs. CG.ins1-3 (1-1)Snuff, groz, frylsk, lalala, hjanneHaditha, Almaden
12 Aug Laddervs. AvR4-0Snuff, groz, frylsk, lalala, hjanneAlmaden, Abdallah
20 Jul Leaguevs. Last-D2-2 (1-1)Snuff, groz, hjanne, frylsk, kanonSinjar, Samawah
15 Jul Laddervs. AvR2-2 (2-0)Snuff, groz, kanon, frylsk, dCiphSinjar, Samawah
12 Jul Leaguevs. Opt!c3-0 (2-0)Snuff, groz, ankan, morris, frylskAlmaden, Haditha
6 Jul Leaguevs. RB4-0Snuff, groz, frylsk, Hjanne, dibbBuhriz, Hillah
2 Jul Laddervs. CG.ins2-2 (1-1)Snuff, groz, lalala, Hjanne, frylskBuhriz, Hillah
1 Jul Laddervs. XtC4-0Snuff, groz, lalala, Hjanne, frylskAlmaden, Hillah
29 Jun Leaguevs. ANZINS4-0Snuff, groz, lalala, Hjanne, frylskSinjar, Samawah
29 Jun Laddervs. CG.ins3-0 (2-0)Snuff, groz, lalala, Hjanne, frylskSinjar, Samawah
25 Jun Laddervs. teamFr4-0 Snuff, groz, lalala, morris, rupusSinjar, Abdallah
22 Jun Leaguevs. CG.ins4-0 Snuff, groz, Hjanne, lalala, frylskAlmaden, Haditha
16 Jun Laddervs. Mrcine4-0Snuff, Groz, Hjanne, dibb, lalalaAlmaden, Haditha
15 Jun Leaguevs. RATS3-0 (1-0)Snuff, Groz, Hjanne, dCiph, frylsk, lalalaBaghdad, Abdallah
14 Jun Laddervs. Last-D2-0 (0-0)Snuff, Groz, Hjanne, dCiph, frylskBaghdad, Abdallah
11 Jun Laddervs. LGM4-0Snuff, Groz, kanon, Sarand, rupusAdballah, Ramadi
11 Jun Laddervs. THC4-0Snuff, Groz, kanon, Sarand, dibbBaghdad
1 Jun Laddervs. HkT3-1 (1-1)Snuff, kanon, frylsk, lalala, HjanneAbdallah, Ramadi
31 MayLaddervs. =V3=2-1 (1-1)Snuff, kanon, frylsk, dibb, notte, flaeshAbdallah, Baghdad
26 MayLaddervs. AvR3-1 (2-0)Snuff, Groz, frylsk, lalala, HjanneAlmaden, Ramadi
19 MayLaddervs. Mrcine4-0Snuff, Groz, dCiph, Sarand, HjanneHillah, Abdallah
19 MayLaddervs. AvR2-2 (1-1)Snuff, Groz, dCiph, Sarand, lalalaRamadi, Hillah
18 MayLaddervs. HkT4-0Snuff, Groz, frylsk, dCiph, lalala, HjanneAbdallah, Almaden
17 MayLaddervs. =V3=2-0 (2-0)Snuff, Groz, frylsk, dCiph, Sarand, lalalaHillah, Baghdad
11 MayLaddervs. CG.ins3-1 (1-1)Snuff, Groz, Hjanne, lalala, kanonBuhriz, Almaden
27 AprLeaguevs. RAF3-1 (2-0)Snuff, Groz, dCiph, lalala, frylsk, NotteBuhriz, Abdallah
20 AprLeaguevs. Suami1-3 (1-1)Snuff, Hjanne, notte, lalala, frylskSinjar, Ramadi
14 AprLaddervs. Mrcine4-0Snuff, Groz, notte, Hjanne, lalala, frylskAlmaden, Ramadi
14 AprLaddervs. CG.ins3-1 (1-1)Snuff, Groz, notte, Hjanne, lalalaAlmaden, Ramadi
13 AprLeaguevs. eu4ia4-0Snuff, Groz, notte, frylsk, lalalaAlmaden, Hillah
06 AprLaddervs. Mrcine4-0Snuff, notte, Groz, Hjanne, lalalaAbdallah
06 AprLeaguevs. B2Z4-0Snuff, notte, Groz, frylsk, lalalaBaghdad, Samawah
05 AprLaddervs. dogs4-0Snuff, notte, Groz, aitec, Hjanne, lalalaBaghdad, Samawah
02 AprLeaguevs. Last-D2-2 (1-1)Groz, Snuff, lalala, notte, aitecRamadi, Sinjar
01 AprLaddervs. CG.ins1-3 (1-1)Snuff, notte, Groz, aitec, HjanneRamadi, Samawah
24 MarLeaguevs. The.O.C4-0Groz, Snuff, lalala, frylsk, aitecHillah, Buhriz
15 MarLeaguevs. e-wave4-0Groz, Snuff, aitec, dibb, notteAlmaden, Haditha
08 MarLeaguevs. =V3=3-1 (1-1)Groz, Snuff, frylsk, kanon, notteSinjar, Samawah
26 FebLaddervs. CG.ins1-3 (1-1)Snuff, notte, Desu, frylsk, HjanneSinjar, Samawah
26 FebLeaguevs. Suami2-2 (2-0)Snuff, Groz, notte, Desu, frylskBuhriz, Ramadi
24 FebLaddervs. e-wave3-1 (1-1)Snuff, Desu, frylsk, HjanneSinjar, Ramadi
19 FebLaddervs. CG.ins1-2 (0-1)Snuff, Groz, Hjanne, dibb, notteBaghdad, Buhriz
17 FebLaddervs. FB4-0Snuff, Hoobler, Dibb, Hjanne, DesuBuhriz, Haditha
16 FebLeaguevs. GIM1-3 (1-1)Snuff, Groz, Dibb, Hjanne, frylskHillah, Almaden
15 FebLaddervs. dogs4-0dibb, Groz, Snuff, frylsk, HjanneAlmaden, Hillah
11 FebLaddervs. CG.ins1-2 (0-1)Desu, notte, Snuff, frylsk, kanonBaghdad, Hillah
09 FebLeaguevs. Mrcine4-0Ankan, dibb, Snuff, Hjanne, MorrisBaghdad, Haditha


100% won rounds: 33
75% won rounds: 8
66% won rounds: 3
60% won rounds: 1
50% won rounds: 10
33% won rounds: 4
25% won rounds: 6
0% won rounds: 1

45 match wins
10 match ties
11 match losses

183 round wins
17 round ties
63 round losses

Average result: ~2.8 vs ~1 , a ~74% win.

Only once we suffered a complete loss (0% rounds won) out of 66 matches =). 5 of the 100% wins were against imho close enough equally good opponents (Team France, Last-Day and Clan-Germany).
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